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"Community comes together to support WISE after sensationalist media reporting" Read the full article here.

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PRESS RELEASE UPDATE: WISE reassures public that no students are missing after peculiar reporting by National Paper."

Following unfounded allegations printed in The Sunday Telegraph about "eight former WISE mosque students who have all gone missing, believed to be in Syria", we would like to reassure people that no WISE mosque students are missing and we are not aware of any missing person's reports from the authorities. Moreover, Zaf Hussein, who is quoted in the Telegraph as making these claims seems to be a fictional character as our investigations could not identify a person of that name who works in the local council. WISE were surprised not to be asked to comment on these false claims before the paper went to print even though Journalists from the Telegraph had been speaking to representatives of WISE. A complaint is being lodged with the Editor.

PRESS RELEASE: We ask the community to stand strong and remain united and vigilant after the arrest of a young man in High Wycombe by counter-terrorist police. It is important to refrain from allegations until the facts are known.

Islam is a religion of moderation that aims to establish peace, and it is heartbreaking to see people deviating from the middle path of Islam. The mosques and Islamic organisations in High Wycombe reject the ideology of groups such as ISIS who terorise and kill those who oppose their beliefs including other Muslims. We remind people who follow such a deviant ideology that an evil action cannot bring about good. No Islamic centre in High Wycombe has views that would radicalise youngsters. On the contrary, we advise our young people to respond to world events in a thoughtful fashion within the laws of the country and within the teachings of Islam. Those who have concerns about what is happening in places such as Syria and Iraq should engage with charities and those with influence who may be able to help the situation, rather than engaging in hateful ideas on social media which can lead to radicalisation. In this regard, WISE and other organisations are running courses to educate our young men and women in order to warn them about the ideology of groups like ISIS.

WISE is a very open and welcoming organisation with a long history of community service and a great track record for working with local statutory organisations and other faith groups. High Wycombe has a long history of multiculturalism and good community relations, and we pray that such events do not harm the community cohesion in the town.


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Tajweed Class for Urdu speakers: Masjid: 11:00am – 1:00pm - Sisters only
Quran reading for beginners: Masjid: 7.00pm - Brothers only

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