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Welcome to Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE)

WISE is an organisation serving the community to promote the progress and prosperity of mankind in this life and the next by calling to the true teachings of Islam and the worship of one God (Allah). It aims to empower Muslims with the tools and confidence to live Islam, face the challenges of the modern world and make a positive, meaningful contribution to society. It provides a centre that will serve as a community hub and strives to build bridges with the wider community, promoting and strengthening social cohesion.

On this page, we hope to provide clear and accurate information about Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. Here you will find information about the activities organised by WISE as well as interesting articles on various topics of Islam. For more info about WISE and events that we have organised please click here.

NEWS - Kind-hearted volunteers raise over a thousand pounds for charity

URGENT Appeal - WISE - The Next Phase

Be part of the Vision

Allah has given us an opportunity to purchase a new building. The site has substantial land (37,000 sq ft), which gives us the potential to expand into new much-needed services. The current building on site has over 3000 sq ft ground floor and 1000 sq ft first floor with several rooms, which would allow us to initially offer:

  • An Islamic learning centre with classrooms for the madrassah.
  • Community hall for meetings and youth club plus more insha'Allah.

With the deposit paid, we need 115K in addition to current funds to complete the purchase in 4 weeks.

We appeal to our brothers and sisters to donate generously for the this cause. To donate using Total Giving please enter the amount you would like to donate below and click donate.

Latest Updates

Community comes together to support WISE after sensationalist media reporting Read the full article here.

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For more information view our Tackling Violent Extremism and Hate Speech Policy

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Prophecies from the Quran
An example of a prophecy mentioned in the Quran is the triumph of the Romans over the Persians.......

Muslim Women - Rights, Role and Dress code
Islam has given rights to women, which perhaps we take for granted now, but were given by Allah (God) to women over 1400 years ago.....

Love of Allah
Sincere and overflowing love of Allah is the mark of a Believer...

Rectify Your Life New
Rectify Your Life - Ibn al-Qayyim, al-Fawa’id

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "No one can be given a blessing better and greater than patience." - Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Hadith 548

Todays Activities
Quran Tajweed Class : Masjid: 9.30am – 11:00am - Sisters only
Quran reading with tajweed - Urdu: Masjid: 1-3pm - Sisters only
Quran reading for beginners: Masjid: 7.00pm - Brothers only

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