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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE) were shocked by comments made by a resident of High Wycombe on Newsnight. His opinions do not reflect the views of Muslims who come to worship at the Islamic Centre. Islam is a religion of moderation that aims to establish peace. It is heartbreaking to see people committing acts of violence. WISE rejects the ideology of groups such as ISIS who use violence to overthrow governments and kill those who oppose their beliefs including other Muslims. We remind people who follow such a deviant ideology that an evil action can never bring anything good. No Islamic centre in High Wycombe has views that would radicalise youngsters. Furthermore, we advise our young people to respond to world events in an thoughtful fashion within the laws of the country and to take advice from their local imams rather than exposing themselves to hateful ideas on social media. WISE is a very open and welcoming organisation with a long history of community service and a great track record for working with local statutory organisations and other faith groups. High Wycombe has a long history of multiculturalism and good community relations, and we ask the media to verify information from their sources before publishing prejudicial or libelous statements that could harm the community cohesion in the town.

For more information view our Tackling Violent Extremism and Hate Speech Policy

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Prophecies from the Quran
An example of a prophecy mentioned in the Quran is the triumph of the Romans over the Persians.......

Muslim Women - Rights, Role and Dress code
Islam has given rights to women, which perhaps we take for granted now, but were given by Allah (God) to women over 1400 years ago.....

Love of Allah
Sincere and overflowing love of Allah is the mark of a Believer...

Rectify Your Life New
Rectify Your Life - Ibn al-Qayyim, al-Fawa’id

On the authority of Ibn Omar the son of Omar bin Al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with both who said : I heared the messenger of Allah say: Islam has been built on five pillars: testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammed is the messenger of Allah performing the prayers, paying the zakat, making the pilgrimage to the House, and fasting in Ramadan.

Todays Activities
Understanding Quran - Urdu: Masjid: 11.00am - 2.30pm - Sisters only
Quran Memorization Class: Masjid: 6:00– 7:00pm - Children only
Open Hour - chat over tea and cakes: Mosque: 8:00pm - Brothers only

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